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Erika Milena Muñoz Villareal
Javier Gonzaga Valencia Hernández

In the Eje Cafetero (central coffee belt) of Colombia, climate risk situations have caused the involuntary displacement of human populations. Based on a documentary analysis, this qualitative research describes how the relationship of environmental displacement is expressed as a result of different climate change factors, taking as empirical reference some climatic risks presented in this region of Colombia during the 2010-2011 rainy season. A cycle of analysis was designed according to the case study approach. It describes 15 cases of environmental displacement associated with climate change scenarios, such as climate variability, environmental degradation, socio-environmental conflicts, and megaprojects. In an era of climate change, the risk society undermines the permanence of human populations in their territories.  


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Muñoz Villareal, E. M., & Valencia Hernández, J. G. (2022). Socio-environmental displacement associated with climate change: an emergency of the risk society in the central coffee-growing region of Colombia. Estudios Socio-Jurídicos, 25(1).

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