Bibliometric indicators, coauthorship networks and institutional collaboration in Colombian psychology journals

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José Ávila-Toscano, Ailed Marenco-Escuderos, Camilo Madariaga Orozco


This study was carried out with the objective of analyzing the bibliometric production indicators in six psychology journals in Colombia during the 2009-2011period, defining the properties of the scientific collaboration networks between the authors and institutions. With that purpose in mind we carried out the standardization of the information related to the articles published in each one of the journals defining the production indexes in accordance with bibliometric criteria (number of articles and authors, areas of publication, type of production, among others); we calculated structural indicators of the networks and we designed visualizations of the scientific cooperation networks. What stands out is an extensive production in countries such as Colombia, Spain and Mexico, essentially in Spanish, within the field of applied research. We observed a high level of collaboration between authors.

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Scientific output, bibliometrics, coauthorship, journals, networks

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